Below is a collection of documents relevant to Non-Profit Organisations. We are constantly updating the collection.

Document Link Description Author / Contributor
NPO Act 71 of 1997 Nonprofit Organisations Act, Act 71 of 1997, Amended by Nonprofit Organisations Amendment Act 17 of 2000 from 9 Jun 2000: S 6, 9, 24-25, 34 Government Printing Works
Codes of Good Practice Codes of good practice relating to NPO Leadership and Management, Fundraising and Resource Mobilisation and Roles and Responsibilities of Donors and Sponsors Department of Social Development
NPO Directorate Annual Report Template The NPO Directorate of the Department of Social Development requires an annual narrative report on the birthday of all NPOs. This template has been provided as a guideline of how the report should be completed. Department of Social Development
Compendium of Methods and Tools for ABCD Facilitation

Training Materials
Compiled from a Training of Trainers course in Asset Based Community Development in November 2012, the Compendium of Methods and Tools for ABCD Facilitation is a comprehensive guide. Training materials are provided in an addendum. Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS) and Coady International Institute